First Jurassic Park attracts children in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The latest Jurassic themed Dino Park has been inaugurated at Forum Sujana Mall, by Agastya Jaiswal a youngest boy in Telangana to complete class 12th exams, and Naina Jaiswal, the youngest post graduate in Asia. 

The park has been conceived as a representation of the animal species that roamed the earth about 150 million years back before going extinct.

General Manager of Forum Sujana Mall Tanveer Shaikh said. “We have always strived to give a unique experience through entertainment and shopping. This summer we have planned to give an experience to our young shoppers through edutainment; by creating the Dino Park at the mall, we would like every kid, youth and adults to experience the Dinosaurs who ruled the earth for about 165 million years.  We at the Forum Sujana Mall have created an educational space while also being fun and engaging, and visitors will also experience animatronics Dinosaurs at the mall.” 

The park will have life size models of dinosaurs and it is going to open from April 22 to May 31.