First Gen Tech is here with Robos Arya and Mitra

New Delhi [India]: The 26th Convergence India 2018/2nd Internet of Things 2018 Expo is around the corner, and is set to reveal new products, software and services from all areas of the tech sector.

One technology i.e. robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to draw crowds and steal the show.

Arya: The Lovable Tea Making Robot

Arya, a personal tea making robot for those who really value their tea brewing experience, will be launched at the IoT 2018 expo on March 7.

Imagine you’re about to reach your office or home, and you want someone to make your cuppa. All you do is press a button on your smartphone and your hot cup of tea will be ready by the time you arrive. Thanks to Arya.

One can also talk to Arya by simply saying, “HiArya, make me my favourite tea.” and your custom tea is ready.

For tea lovers, the options are plentiful. Get creative with the many flavours of tea by modifying your recipe from your phone. Arya can make tea using ingredients like adarak (ginger), elaichi (cardamom), saunf (fennel), dalchini (cinnamon), chai masala, long (cloves), kahwa, milk, sugar and water. Arya is programmed to remember your perfect tea recipe.

“Tea is one of the most important drinks, and having a good cup of tea can make your day. Our mission is to make it possible for every person to get their favourite cup of tea at home, office, hotels, and malls. Advanced smart home technology allowed us to simplify the process of making a perfect cup of tea,” said Akash Takyar, CEO at HiArya.

Arya is the next generation smart home product, integrated with Google Assistant, video streaming and natural language processing.

So, if you want to taste your first robotic cup of tea, just stop by at the IoT India 2018 expo.

Mitra: The Future of Customer Engagement

Engaging potential clients is the first step of any customer management effort, and who knows it better than Mitra.

The humanoid robot features a facial recognition technology, allowing it to recognise and greet customers instantly. Operating autonomously, Mitra can recognize speech in multiple languages, engage customers with its friendly demeanour and smart conversations to provide better customer engagement. It also has the ability to navigate on its own.

Mitra assists customers by learning about their preferences, and on subsequent visits makes contextual suggestions. This informed communication is designed to foster a more personalised experience for every customer, and increase sales.

Developed by a Bengaluru-based startup, Invento Robotics, Mitra can be found walking in the corridors of Canara Bank and PVR Cinemas in Bengaluru.

On a single charge, Mitra can deliver a back up of eight-ten hours. Mitra is being marketed to businesses that range from corporates and retail to banking and hospitality – pretty much any customer-facing sector.

Expect more next week when the three day Convergence India 2018 expo/IoT India 2018 expo begins on March 7 2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. (ANI)