First eco-friendly masjid of Europe opened for worship at Cambridge

Cambridge: The historic city of Britain, Cambridge inscribed history by throwing open the first eco-friendly masjid in Europe.

The masjid was under construction for the past 12 years. It cost £ 23 million.

According to the spokesman of the masjid trust, Dr. Abdul Hakeem, six thousand Muslims of Cambridge used to offer prayers in various small masajid and Islamic centers. They felt the need for a big masjid.

It may be mentioned that in 2011, some unknown residents of nearby areas of Cambridge had distributed pamphlets opposing the construction of masjid under the pretext of increase in traffic.

The persons behind the construction of this masjid were the famous singer, Cat Stevens who adopted the name of Yousuf Islam after embracing the Islamic faith and noted Islamic scholar and lecturer in Islamic studies at Cambridge University, Dr. Tim Winter.

Mr. Yousuf Islam played a key role in collecting donations for the construction of this masjid. He also went to Turkey and met Mr. President Erdogan.

In an interview, Dr. Winter told that this mosque will be open to the people professing different faiths.

It may be mentioned that at a time, 1000 worshippers can offer their prayers. It has the facility for underground parking.