First 5G smartphone by ZTE expected to be launched in early 2019

China: By early 2019, ZTE, the Chinese phone maker will launch its first 5G smartphone in USA.

According to the news reported in Newsbytes App, Lixin Cheng, the Business CEO of ZTE Mobile devices told that the launch of 5G smartphone depends on other factors like availability of 5G network in the USA.

Further, Lixin Cheng added that the company is looking forward to expand its 5G technology into devices like 5G tablet and a wireless internet hub.

If ZTE launches its 5G smart phone into US, it will make it the first of all 5G devices in the US market.
Last month, Ericsson demonstrated its new 5G technology.

However, the US government is planning to ban Huawei and ZTE smartphones in the country, and is working on the bill to take the decision. The decision of the US government comes in the wake of ZTE breaching the US sanctions on Iran last year. It was fined $1.2 billion for breaching the sanctions.

A bill in this effect has already been introduced by the Texas government official in the US.

Meanwhile, for conducting pre-5G trials in India, ZTE has partnered with teleco service providers like Vodafone, Relaince Jio and Airtel.