Fire incident at Exhibition: New details surface

Hyderabad: In an incident which took place at the exhibition, huge fire broke out. This massive fire incident was triggered due to alleged negligence of a person.

As per the details, a person had thrown a burning cigarette in the dust bin of a Mahesh Bank’s ATM. Although attempts were made to control the fire, it engulfed 200 stalls at the exhibition.

Out of 200 stalls, 150 reduced to ashes.

Due to the incident, seven people were hospitalized. Luckily, no casualty was reported.

Owners of the stalls said that there was no water in the fire station of the exhibition. Due to this mismanagement, huge losses were incurred by the stall owners.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the incident, few people were seen looting the items from the stalls.

After the incident, Home Minister of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali also reached the spot and assured that Govt. of Telangana will compensate the owners of the stalls.