‘Under fire’ Azam Khan says wanted to protect rape victim’s ‘dignity’

Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan on Sunday clarified his remark on the Kanpur rape victim and said that he wanted to protect her ‘dignity’.

Khan accused the media of depicting his statement in a wrong manner.

“A woman had come with her pain. She created a lot of ruckus and the media has depicted my statement in a wrong manner. She came to me telling about the injustice she suffered. I was at the stage and there was very chaos. I just said that the issue is sensitive, it might hurt your dignity,” Khan told the media here.

Khan had earlier advised the alleged rape victim, who had come to him seeking help, to not go looking for ‘fame and attention’ for her ‘disgrace’ or else she won’t be able to face the world withdignity.

“I will take her memorandum and go ahead but she sure has gained publicity now. Her complaint is clearly in connection to the disgrace she is facing but if she goes around spreading the incident that happened with her then how she will face the world,” Khan said. (ANI)