Find out why these 258 Grooms decided to arrive on cycles for their marriages

SURAT: Grooms along with their relatives decided to arrive on cycles for their marriage which is scheduled on 7th November. This decision of 258 grooms was to create awareness on traffic and pollution.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board’s data from 2002-2014, all major cities in North and Central India, including Delhi and Surat are facing air pollution. Particulate Matter level reached extremely dangerous level. It causes chronic respiratory disease and lung cancer in humans.

This awareness initiative will be a part of the 58th mass marriage ceremony organized by a community organization called Saurastra Patel Seva Samaj.

It is to be noted that generally, bridegrooms reach marriage venue on horses or in cars in a procession. This time though as part of this novel experiment, the grooms will take out a procession on bicycles along with community leaders on the city roads to create awareness about traffic and pollution.

According to the report, Kanji Bhalala, President of Saurastra Patel Seva Samaj said, “We appeal for more people to join in the yatra as Surat has been selected among top 20 smart cities. People should be more conscious about health, traffic and pollution. We need to increase the use of cycles to reduce pollution and improve health”.