Film & TV producer Shoaib Chaudhry favours Darul Qaza

New Delhi: Noted Film and Television producer Shoaib Chaudhry favoured setting up of Darul Qaza and said saffron minded Sanghi members want to create controversy over every matter related to Muslims.

In fact Darul Qaza is a good and positive action which will help in easing the burden of courts. He told that the Sanghi ideology finds fault in every issue and publicize it through ignorant news anchors which gives the impression that the country has become Afghanistan. He said the prejudiced Sanghi elements started making turmoil after Personal Law Board announced to open Darul Qaza in every district.

Shoaib said Darul Qaza is not a new thing on which such a hue & cry should be made. Darul Qaza is being understood as an alternative judicial system, he said.