Film industry won’t be affected by demonetisation: Om Puri

Mumbai: Veteran actor Om Puri says there is no black money in the film industry and no panic over the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

“I get all my payment through cheques. No cash exchanges happen in the film industry. Gone are the days when producers would walk around with brief cases filled with currency notes to sign big stars. This happened when the underworld and nefarious organisations funded our films.

“Nowadays, it’s all accounted for. Even my driver gets his money from producers through a cheque,” Om said.

He feels it is industrialists and politicians who are likely to be most hard hit by the demonetisation.

“And that too, not all industrialists and politicians. Only those who have ill-gotten unaccounted wealth stashed away. Otherwise common people are hurt for a short term only. I had to travel to Delhi for a film premiere.

“I didn’t have any cash to carry. I requested my travel agent to loan me a few thousands. The ordinary man on the street is hit by (Prime Minister Narendra) Modiji’s sudden announcement to scrap certain currency notes. But I say, if any good can come from this move, we should be willing to bear the inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s election as the American president, has surprised Om as much as many one else.

“I am shocked by Trump’s victory. The man is erratic and untrustworthy. He can do anything any time. Hillary Clinton was classy and politically experienced. She should have been elected the American president.”