Filipinos will be punished if they play games at work

Manila: The Philippines Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Wednesday said that government employees who play online games during office hours are punishable under the law.

The Commission said anybody who gets caught violating the rule could face suspension up to a year.

“Regardless whether an employee uses government or personal tablet or computer or mobile phone, playing games during office hours is not allowed,” CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada said in a statement cited by Xinhua news agency.

She added that playing games during office hours “may be treated as ‘Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service’, among others.”

Under CSC rules, government officials and employees who are found in violation of the rule for the first time will be suspended for six months. A second offence will mean dismissal from service.

Lizada re-issued the warning after the Mayor of a central Philippines town issued an office memorandum stating that “a significant number of employees” in his town were reported to be playing mobile games during office hours.

Upon receiving the complaints from concerned citizens, the Mayor issued a memorandum warning that employees who are caught will be punished upon being proved guilty.