FIIT-JEE not connected to IIT: HC asks DMRC to put disclaimer at metro station

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to put up disclaimer notices outside the capital’s Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) declaring that the coaching centre FIIT-JEE, is in no manner connected to the engineering institute.

IIT Delhi had earlier filed a plea seeking directions to DMRC not to use its name in conjunction with that of FIIT-JEE, claiming that doing so was tarnishing the image of the institute.

The metro station opposite the IIT is called FIIT-JEE IIT Delhi metro station.

While hearing the matter, Justice Vibhu Bakhru ordered that the disclaimer should clearly indicate that FIIT-JEE is not connected with the IIT in any manner and the font and size of the disclaimer should be identical with the font and size in which FIIT-JEE is written at the metro station.

In its plea, IIT stated that due to the coupling of the names, the institute has been receiving queries and complaints asking if the FIIT-JEE was the “official” coaching partner for those aspiring to get admission there.

Since 2014, the Delhi metro has been auctioning the naming rights of its several stations to generate revenue. (ANI)