IS fighter misses British food in Syria!

A British Muslim believed to be fighting with Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria has complained about missing British food like fish fingers in the war zone.

Omar Hussain, dubbed the “Supermarket Jihadi” owing to his former job as a security guard at a UK supermarket, made the comment in a Q&A session on his blog.

He admitted he dreamt of some typical British brands like “Jaffa Cakes, Skittles, apple pies, Birds Eye fish fingers – just the food,” according to the Daily Mirror.

The 27-year-old former worker from the Morrisons chain of supermarkets acts as a propagandist for the terror group and writes a blog that tries to entice westerners to join IS.

In another recent post, Hussain claims IS will pay fighters’ rent, provide basic groceries and even pay them more wages if they bring children.

“If this isn’t enough, then Dawlah (Islamic State) also provides your family with the basic household items, such as a washing machine, fridge, cooker, carpets, mattresses and some other kitchen items,” he recently wrote on his blog.

“Gas is also sold to the mujahedin (fighters) for less than half price and there is no water or electricity bills.”

Hussain is believed to have travelled to Syria in December 2013 after telling British authorities he was going to join the humanitarian aid effort in the war-torn country.