My fight is against Manuwadi ideology: Meira Kumar

Bhopal: Opposition candidate for the President’s post Meira Kumar on Thursday said her fight is against those trying to impose on the people a Manuwadi ideology having strong upper caste bias.

Kumar, who was here to campaign for the presidential poll, without naming any party or government said that the election this time round was a “battle of ideology”.

Speaking to the media, she said: “While there are people with Manuwadi ideology, promoting casteism and trying to divide the society, opposing them are those advocating social justice and social harmony. We have made this election a battle of ideology.”

“Congress and the other 16 parties (supporting her) may have different opinions on different subjects, but when it comes to ideology, values and principles, they all became one. The common ideology here is one of social justice, inclusive society, transparency, and giving respect and taking along all religions, as our country is a multi-region country,” Kumar stressed.

The former Lok Sabha Speaker said that currently, the freedom of press was under threat, Dalits were under attack, and casteism and communalism were being imposed on the country. “This is a matter of great concern.”

“I have requested all members of the electoral college to vote according to the voice of their conscience,” she added.

In the July 17 presidential election, Kumar faces National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate Ram Nath Kovind.