Fight against corruption priority for Modi government: Sambit Patra

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sambit Patra on Saturday stated that an anti-corruption court declared liquor baron Vijay Mallya as a fugitive economic offender (FEC) which shows that fight against corruption is priority for BJP-led central government.

He also read out the letter written by Mallya seeking help from then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Singh had said, “We have to find ways to get Kingfisher out of trouble,” after Kingfisher was falling apart and was not able to repay the loans. He also said that the Congress had become a puppet of Kingfisher.

Hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Fugitive Economic Offender Act 2018 passed during his tenure, Patra said, “Then was a story of helping out Mallya and now is the story of nabbing Mallya.”
Addressing the issue of the “saga of Rome and RaGa”, Patra revealed that agencies have procured several letters from middleman of AgustaWestland Christian Michel to his company which reveals involvement of the Congress in the case.

Reading out a letter, Patra stated it is astonishing that Michel said that all the hurdles in the way of the deal have been dealt with.

“Can Rome be asked to cooperate?,” the letter said while mentioning that a formal complaint might be filed if the deal is publicised.

He further said that the publicity of the deal was avoided so that the bribe givers are neither harassed nor caught.

Quoting another excerpt of the letter, Patra said, “This man (Christian Michel) had access to something to which even the cabinet ministers do not have access to. The cabinet meeting on security is a closed door meeting and coveted. He knew exactly to as what was going on in the meeting.”

He further revealed that Michel was aware of day to day detail of the meetings and as to when the deal was to be signed.

“Obstacles in the way of getting the deal have been secured,” the letter read.

Patra further stated that the alleged middleman stated that the Congress leader would talk the then finance minister if he created any further hindrance in the clearance of the deal.

Addressing the press conference, Patra also talked about the revision of tax rates on fuel in Karnataka.

The tax rates on petrol and diesel was revised on Friday. Earlier, petrol and diesel were taxed 28.75 percent and 17.73 percent respectively.

The prices in the state now stand at Rs. 70.84 per litre for petrol and Rs. 64.66 per litre for diesel.
He further said that Congress party creates a ruckus every time BJP led state governments increase the fuel rates.

Answering a question on National Herald, Patra said, “Congress party was trying to hide behind the fig leaf. The humungous nature of corruption in National Herald is evident. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are out on bail in the case.”

He stated that there are several issues of corruption in the case including, Rs. 5,000 crore corruption case, the non-compliance to income tax agencies and the eviction from the National Herald building.
“Congress may try to hid behind the fig leaf but the corruption there corruption is exposed,” Patra said.