FIFA: Muslims enraged over printing of Kalma-e-Tayyaba on football

New Delhi: Printing of Saudi Arabia’s flag on football by FIFA has sparked anger and concern among Muslims. Muslims from across the world protested on social media demanding the removal of the flag. It must be noted that Saudi Arabia’s flag has Kalma-e-Tayyaba written on it. Muslims are worried that printing of the Kalma on football on the pretext of printing countries’ flag is a sheer desecration of the Islamic Kalma as the football is kicked during the game with the foot. Though FIFA will not be played with the football, however, it is likely that the FIFA will sell the football as a memorial or promotion after which non-Muslims can use it for the game.

Some Muslims have sent online petition to FIFA demanding removal of Saudi Arabian flag. Earlier FIFA had printed Saudi Arabian flag on alcohol bottle, however, all the bottles were recalled after the protest by Muslims around the world.