FICCI encouraged by PM Modi’s move to boost intra-BRICS economic cooperation

New Delhi:Dr. Jyotsna Suri, President, FICCI, has said that Indian industry is very encouraged by the guidance that is being offered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boost intra-BRICS economic cooperation.

In a statement issued to the media, she said,”We are deeply encouraged by the guidance given by our Hon’ble Prime Minister in context of boosting intra-BRICS economic cooperation. The New Development Bank has a lot of expectations attached to it and it must promote joint BRICS projects particularly in areas of infrastructure, renewable energy and skill development. NDB must also support projects in the manufacturing sector that foster regional value chains within BRICS. This will give a massive boost to intra-BRICS trade that presently defies potential.”

“The BRICS Information Sharing and Exchanging Platform (BRICS Business Portal), anchored by the Fudan University, is an excellent tool that must be used and leveraged by businesses for accessing information on policies and projects across sectors in BRICS countries. FICCI, as the technical secretariat for the BRICS Business Council from India, will enhance awareness about this portal and its usability amongst businesses in India through its nationwide network”, added Dr. Suri.

“The Prime Minister has announced BRICS Trade Fair and Exhibition and offered India as the host for the first such engagement. FICCI strongly welcomes this move as this can be a very significant platform to connect businesses, learn about investment opportunities and evaluate cutting edge technologies being pursued across sectors in all BRICS countries. We would be completely supporting this initiative of our Prime Minister and feel that going ahead this could become a critical platform for enhancing intra-BRICS trade and investment flows”, Dr. Suri stated further. (ANI)