FICCI comments on liberalization of FDI regime

New Delhi : Liberalization of the FDI regime has been key focus of the government.

Commenting on the announcements by the government today Dr. A. Didar Singh, Secretary General, FICCI said, “Simplification in the policy framework governing investments in a whole host of sectors including strategic sectors like defence and aviation is a huge positive for the economy. The Modi administration through these moves has once again highlighted that reforms is a continuous process in order to capitalise the potential India offers”.

“There is no doubt that India today is the most preferred investment destination in the world. While the attraction of our market is known to all, there is now even more reason for global investors to commit themselves for making and doing business in India. Our government is translating words into action and after having made a strongest pitch ever to global investors, it if following up with a major overhaul of the FDI framework so that the interest generated is captured in the form of higher investment flows which are on a rise since the last two years,” Dr. Didar Singh added.

FICCI compliments the government for these moves and stands committed to spread this message globally about the new investor friendly regime in our country. (ANI)