Few people injured at rally due to overcrowding, PM apologises

Thakurnagar/Durgapur: A few people got injured due to overcrowding at a rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here in West Bengal on Saturday.

After coming to know about this, the Prime Minister offered his apology for the same while addressing another rally in Durgapur.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm during my rally in Thakurnagar, and I think the ground was filled twice its capacity. There were women in attendance. People faced difficulties (because of overcrowding). I would like to apologise for the discomfort the people went through,” Modi said while starting his speech at the Durgapur rally.

Earlier, the injured persons narrated how they suffered problems due to overcrowding at the rally in Thakurnagar which had huge attendance.

“I was sitting on the chair and was listening to the Prime Minister’s speech. A few people came and pushed me from behind. I fell from my chair and suffered injuries. The police personnel present there stood like mute spectators and did not come forward to help,” an injured woman said.

“A stampede-like situation was created at the PM’s rally. We all were shouting for help but the police failed to take any steps to restore semblance,” said another injured women.

The Prime Minister addressed the rally in Thakurnagar and later in Durgapur in West Bengal ahead of Lok Sabha elections.