This festive season, dig into authentic Chinese cuisine royally

New Delhi [India]: Are you on a look out for an authentic and exquisite Chinese food? If yes, then restaurant Royal China is probably the best place for you.

True to its name, Royal China specifies the place’s ambience and decor in royal way.

Specialised in traditional cantonese cuisines, Royal China, located in the national capital, promises to give consumers a whole new experience with unique flavours and cuisines, combining the traditional and contemporary elements.

One can relish crispy aromatic duck with pancakes, prawn chung fun, seaweed, black bean chicken, to name a few.

Desserts like the apple / banana in toffee syrup, deep fried crispy buns with cream custard filling are bound to leave your sweet tooth satisfied to the fullest.

Aashita Relan, one of the youngest entrepreneur and Royal China Director shared, “Our motto is to serve authentic Chinese food, but also keeping in mind the constantly evolving and emerging trends and taste from around the world prepared by our Foreign Chefs.”

“In Royal China Delhi, we have tried to create a destination restaurant where we take great pride in ensuring that all the ingredients that we use are extremely fresh and authentic imported from China,” she added

We bring you the six best vegetarian offerings of ‘Royal China’ that you must binge on”

1. Vegetarian Chive Dumplings

2. Vegetarian Cheung Fun

3. Mapu Tofu

4. Garlic friend Rice

5. Sauteed French beans with hot garlic sauce

6. Sangria Glass

Established in the year 2010, Royal China has outlets are all over the world in UK, China, Singapore and Dubai. (ANI)