Festival-n-Food: Cheat smartly to keep your extra calories at bay!

New Delhi [India]: Centuries ago, when the kings and queens invented deep-fried foods and sweets, least they had any idea that those delicacies will turn into an integral part of Indian festivals.

Though India is a country will some or the other festival every month, the major ones fall this month. So this will turn to be major road bump for people who have been dieting for long.

Skipping get together is not a good idea, as the main purpose of these festivals is to get people together. So how does one take care of diet while enjoying these festivals to maximum?

We contacted Ashishh Gupta, the director at Gold’s gym Gurgaon and Cafe 3 and a half and he suggested the following doable alternatives:

Firstly, never reach a party on an empty stomach. When you are hungry, your main focus is food. Hence, eat your regular meal before going to a party, but of course in a lesser amount.

“So as to keep room for a Social Snack. You don’t want to keep your mouth sewed at the party. With your stomach almost full, you can keep the extra calories away,” he said.

Secondly, choose drinks wisely. Parties are generally incomplete without alcohol.

Hence, stick to spirits like whisky or wine. Beer and vodka have more calories and also keep mixers to the minimum as they are full of calories.

Thirdly, before picking up the plate, just survey the spread. Usually every spread consists of a few items which will help you continue your diet; it can either be low carbs or high protein or even fiber rich.

According to Ashishh, “Just stick to those and you are good to go.”

Fourthly, sweets are one of the major concerns.

When asked the expert, he said, “If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s a major problem. But we also have a solution. There is no need to starve yourself at all. Just pick your favorite sweet of the day. And consume one serving of it at the party. Next sweet, next day and so on.”

“Remember, it’s festive season! Don’t throw away your entire year efforts, but don’t let yourself from enjoying the festivals either!” he concluded. (ANI)