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Feroze host 32nd Eid Milap party in Bengaluru, over 3000 attended

Feroze host 32nd Eid Milap party in Bengaluru, over 3000 attended

Bengaluru: Since the past 32 years, soon after the Holy month of Ramazan, an Eidh Milan “Harmony Get-Together” lunch was organized.

Every year, Feroze host Ramzan Eid Milan Harmony get – together Lunch which was attended by almost 2000-2500 people from all faiths and communities who come together to celebrate this beautiful occasion with the true spirit and solidarity which is the essence of our wonderful country.

This program is generally attended by The Governors of Karnataka, Senior IPS officers –IAS Officers- Director General of Police, Ministers, Senior Politicians, Bureaucrats, Celebrities – Religious Leaders – Human Rights- Women’s Rights, CPM Group, Dalith brothers and prominent public citizens.

Traditionally all Governor of Karnataka has almost graced this occasion.

The honourable guests in the past were  Shri Khurshed Alam Khan, Smt. V.S. Rama Devi, Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Shri Rameshwar Thakur, Shri Hansraj Bhardwaj and The Arch Bishop.



This year also we had the privilege to have His Excellency, The Governor of Karnataka Shri Vajubhai Rubabhai Vala as our Chief Guest.

The get together is represented by all well meaning prominent leaders from Muslims- Hindus – Christians- Jains- Sikhs – Parsis communities.

This initiative is primarily done with good intentions of bonding humanity and this has an amazing impact with people pledging towards peace – harmony and goodwill that’s why we feel.

Bangalore as most secular place in the country where all people live in peace other than good weather and all software giants are in Bangalore.

We suggest that this kind of initiative should be taken in every city of this country in larger interest of co-existence, peace and harmony.