Feroz Khan raises “bogus votes” issue, criticizes MIM for not releasing ‘manifesto’

Hyderabad: Congress candidate for Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency Mr. Feroz Khan assured that he would work for the eradication of poverty and backwardness of the people of Old City. He visited Yakutpura Assembly Constituency and toured SRT colony, Badabazar and other areas.

People apprised him of various problems and said that people’s representatives contact public only at the time of elections and leave them for five years.

During his visit, Mr. Feroz Khan witnessed heaps of garbage in various parts of Yakutpura. He expressed surprise that Muslim leaders exploited the public as vote bank.

He pointed out that only 10% genuine voters cast their votes and 40% voting is bogus. By adopting malpractices, local political party is winning elections. He appealed to the voters of slum areas to raise their voice against injustices. Unless the voice is raised, justice will not be done. He mentioned that the day public revolts against money lenders, rowdy sheeters and anti-social elements, the local political party will realize its reality.

Mr. Feroz Khan also pointed that the local political party did not release its election manifesto so far. It has apprehensions that if promises are made in the election manifesto, people can review it after five years. He said that MIM does not make any promise since it is not interested in developing the area.

He appealed to the people to question people’s representatives about developmental and welfare plans. He made a fervent appeal to voters to exercise their franchise in favour of Congress.

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