Feroz Khan challenges Asad Owaisi to open debate on development of old city

Hyderabad: Congress candidate for Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat Mohammed Feroz Khan has given an open challenge to Hyderabad MP and Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen chief for an open debate on the development of Hyderabad. He said ‘I am ready to enter into a debate with the party which is representing the old city for the past 40 years.’ He challenged Asaduddin Owaisi to come at the foot of historical Charminar for the debate and left it to the latter to decide the time.

Feroz Khan said the so-called leadership of the old city has badly neglected the problems of people. He expressed surprise that the areas surrounding the old city are developed while the old city is deprived of basic facilities.

Mr Khan said if Asaduddin Owaisi proves the development of old city then he will withdraw from the contest. He also said if people also accept that Asad Owaisi has developed old city then he will accept his defeat.