Female student’s anti-India protest in Kashmir turned violent – Al-Jazeera

“Iqra Siddiq’s skull have been fractured and she suffered brain injury – Al Jazeera”

Jammu: While Indians lost temper and hit the roof on watching Kashmir civilians hitting Indian army, a recent contrary report by Al- Jazeera showed a 17-year-old shot dead and 50 college students wounded by police officers in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Security guards reportedly fired pellets and tear gas on April 15.

A student lies unconscious after inhaling chilli and tear smoke used by Indian police inside the college in Srinagar ( Faisal Khan / Al Jazeera)
Female students try to pacify an Indian policeman before the police fired teargas at them (Faisal Khan/ Al Jazeera)
Iqra Siddiq, a university student, was critically injured when she was hit on head. Doctors said Siddiq’s skull have been fractured and she suffered brain injury (Faisal Khan/ Al Jazeera)

Indian soldiers have been seen physically abusing the girls which sparked anger leading to violent clashes between police and protesting students outside Government Degree College Pulwama.

Paramilitary troops along with the Indian police created a check point outside the college to arrest students who they said were involved in stone-throwing incidents.

Zeeshan Ahmed, got severely injured when the attacks did not stop at tear gas, but the police started firing pellets.

Along with Zeeshan, 15 more students were admitted to the district hospital in Pulwama on the same day. Most of them suffered pellet injuries to their eyes. Zeeshan was later shifted to a hospital in Srinagar for specialised treatment, a senior doctor at Pulwama hospital told a local newspaper.

Following girls participation a mass protests took place on April 17 which left more than 50 students injured.

Not to forget the video in Jammu involving a “gau-rakshak” mob lynching a man to death and completely destroying their home even as two ladies kept begging them not to, and the security forces doing almost nothing to control the situation, a question whether nation needs Kashmir without Kashmiris keeps ticking in mind.