Female foeticide: 3 arrested, Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure prime suspect

Belagavi: Maharashtra police arrested three persons including doctor in the sex determination and abortion racket in neighbouring Miraj taluk in Maharashtra on Tuesday. Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure is the prime suspect in the abortion racket case.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Doctor and his assistants Umesh Salunke and Kanchana Roze got arrested by the police on Wednesday.
A private hospital at Kagwad was run by Dr Ghodke which is from 14 km from Miraj. He was working with Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure, of Miraj, who is the main suspect was carrying out female foeticide.

At his hospital,Dr Ghodke also was allegedly doing the crime of female foeticide. Special police team landed at the hospital and found sonography and other equipment used to carry out illegal abortions.Police sources said Dr Ghodke had been taken to Miraj for interrogation.
Regarding female foeticide police teams have decided to examine the various hospitals and investigating whether the doctors are into the practice in 13 districts neighbouring Miraj and even in several states of Karnataka.

Another Dr Ramesh Devgikar from Vijayapura had been arrested in the same case he was using the modern medical equipment at his hospital and had links with Dr Khidrapure in practicing the racket said the sources.

Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant and Agriculture Minister Sadabhau Khot visited Maishal to take stock of the situation.
Government will not leave such Doctors those who are involved in the racket and questions them he added. The Maharashtra government with the help of the neighbouring states will put an effective investigation, he added.