I feel sad when I don’t win an award: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh addressed the press conference of the first ever Indian Academy Awards (IAA) executed by Cineyug. The first event will take place at Silicon Valley, California, USA. The awards are aimed at bringing together the talent in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood.

“Television has destroyed award functions as awards have become television-friendly it’s more for GEC and it’s sad. It (award functions) starts with earnestness and ethics that we get best possible way to judge and give away the awards,” Shah Rukh said.

“Everyone tries to be credible, but sometimes reasons of commerce and economics don’t let it go to an extent. The assumption would be for every award. We assume Indian academy awards will be authentic and also entertaining,” he said.

The Fan star said he has kept a count of the number of awards that he had won so far. “I love awards. I have never made any bones about it. I love being an actor, love being a movie star and winning awards for my work. I have been working for years and some kind of recognition is good.

For all artists, be it poet, singer, choreographer, dancer, painter, etc you just want applause for your work,” he said.

The 51-year-old superstar does get disheartened when he doesn’t win am award. “Any award that I have received, I take it as a collective applause for the work that I do in a year or for a specific film. I do keep tap on awards, I try and work hard. I feel sad when I don’t win award,” he added.