Feel I should have larger role in serving people: Robert Vadra

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra on Sunday hinted that he may venture into active politics, saying his “experience and learning” of years should be put to “better use”.

In a social media post on Sunday, he said that for more than a decade, “different governments” had “tried to malign” his image by “using and highlighting my name to divert (attention from) real issues of the country”.

“People of the country gradually realised this modus (operandi) and knew there was no truth in any of these allegations. People reach out and show respect and wish me luck and a better future,” he added.

Vadra said that he has “sustained and kept strong” by learning from the people he has helped.

“Disaster management and sending help to Kerala, Nepal and other places too were satisfying and learning experiences,” he said, adding that he also visited places of worship of different faiths and fed the hungry outside temples, etc.

Vadra stressed that he did not consider himself as above the law and during his recent visits to the Enforcement Directorate in Delhi and Rajasthan – wherein he was questioned for hours at a stretch – he “adhered to rules”.

“I have been a person to learn from every event I go through. The years and months that I spent campaigning and working in different parts of the country, mainly in Uttar Pradesh, gave me a feeling to do more for the people and make smaller changes possible by me, in their areas. And when they got to know me, the genuine love, affection and respect I earned was humbling,” he said.

“All these years of experience and learning cannot be just wasted and should be put to better use. Once all these accusations and allegations are over, I feel I should dedicate a larger role in serving the people,” Vadra said.