Fed up with low battery problem? These popular apps are responsible for draining your phone battery

New Delhi: In the generation of smart phones, many face the problem of low mobile battery. Different sources suggest different techniques to save the mobile battery and avoid the problem of low mobile battery but finally end with the same problem. The reason for this problem is some popular apps. These apps draw too much power leading to draining of the battery.

According to report in DC, the list of some major apps which drains phone’s battery are


This app needs continuous internet connection as it constantly exchange data packets with servers. This exchange of data packets consumes phone battery quickly.

Facebook Messenger

As this app has multiple social features, it depends on active internet connection and drains phone battery. The features like photos, videos, live cameras, chat etc drastically consumes phone battery.

Video Streaming Apps

Streaming apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Voot etc are source of entertainment for the users of smart phone but the problem associated with these apps is intense battery drain.

As video playback uses processor, graphics chip, software and the display, it drastically drains battery power.

Shopping Apps

Even when it is not in use, these apps keep running in the background, drains phone battery.


To give the information needed, these map apps use GPS and lot of processing power from the CPU which leads to quickly draining of the battery.