Fearing forced marriage, engineering sisters committed suicide

Bengaluru: Fearing pressure from parents to get married, two sisters committed suicide in Bengaluru.

According to a report published in Deccan Herald, the girls, Ranjitha(20) and Tejaswini (22) were pursuing engineering at MVJ College of Engineering near Whitefield had a heated argument with their father after which they commit suicide by hanging themselves from the same saree in the early hours of Tuesday.

As per reports, it all started when the girls’ father Malleshappa said that they have selected few prospective grooms. But the siblings opposed their parents’ decision and during the argument, it was revealed that they were in love with a boy from a different caste.

The younger sister Ranjitha too confessed that she too was in a relationship. But the father disapproved of their choice of men.

The father told that the boys meet him and the girls in front of the police where he would get them married right away.

Dejected, the girls hanged themselves between midnight. The incident came to light when around 3:30 am, the father woke up and found them hanging from the ceiling.

A death note signed by the victims was found stating that they were upset about getting married at an early age and holding none responsible for their death, police said.