couple commits suicide in K’taka due to fear of Covid, black fungus

Mangaluru, (Karnataka) In a tragic incident, apprehensive of getting infected by Covid-19 and Black Fungus, a married couple ended their lives in Mangaluru district of Karnataka on Tuesday. The deceased are identified as Ramesh (40) and Guna R. Suvarna (35), residents of Baikampady in Mangaluru.

According to police, the couple committed suicide by hanging after being apprehensive of getting infected with Covid-19 as they developed few symptoms of the disease. Before committing suicide, Ramesh called up the Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar and informed him about his decision to commit suicide.

“The victim called up and informed about committing suicide. Immediately police were sent. By the time the police reached their apartment, the couple was found dead. We could not save their lives,” Shashi Kumar stated.

The couple had left a death note and Rs 1 lakh cash for their funeral. The couple was married in 2000 and did not have children. They were also suffering from depression since last year as they did not have children, the police said.

“As we see people losing eyes and other organs of the body because of Black Fungus infection followed by Covid-19, I fear that same thing might happen to me also as I am getting symptoms and could sense changes in my body,” Guna R. Suvarna wrote in her death note.

“My husband is also showing symptoms of Covid from the last 3 days, and in this situation we have come to a decision that we don’t want to live any further. My father, mother and brother have got infected with Covid and they recovered. My mother suffered a lot and I don’t want to give them any difficulty in carrying out our funeral,” she said in death note.

She has also shared her experiences from the people who have no children. She further requested to carry out funerals according to Hindu traditions and to donate all their belongings to the poor.

Dr K. Sudhakar, minister of Health reacting to the incident said, it’s tragic that a couple ended life fearing Covid infection. “More than 28 lakh people have recovered from the disease. There is a lack of information about the couple. I urge people to get tested if they are detected with Covid symptoms. Free testing and treatment is made available to people. The doctors have learnt lessons in the past one-and-a-half years of experience to deal with the Covid. No one should panic and until the vaccination drive is completed, Covid guidelines must be followed,” he said.