Fear-stricken TRS govt denying permission for TJS public meetings: Kodandaram

Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) president Prof. M Kodandaram has stated that the TRS government was not giving permission to their meetings fearing that truth may be known to the people through them. Alleging that dictatorial rule was going on in the infant State, Kodandaram ridiculed Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for exuding confidence of winning 100 seats in 2019 elections,

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Prof. Kondandaram asked the State government to treat all equally and the rule should be as per law. He also said freedom should be there as per Article 19. The governments have to impose restrictions only when the nation faces danger, he said.

Finding fault with the State government questioning the need to organise public meetings only in Hyderabad, Kodandaram said the TRS government was afraid of TJS. He exhorted the people to stand against the “undemocratic” policies of the TRS government. He also alleged that the TRS government was acting vengefully towards the TJS as it poses threat to TRS’ selfish political interests.

Exuding confidence that justice will be done to them in the Court, he said the government was not giving permission to them for holding public showings on lame excuses like pollution. He also asked the government whether cinema functions would not cause pollution. (NSS)