FDI decision unmasks dishonesty of BJP, says Congress

New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday charged the BJP with dishonesty after the Narendra Modi government’s decision to approve 100 per cent FDI in retail, citing their record on the policy when they were in the opposition.

“Deception, dishonesty and dodginess of BJP leadership unmasked on FDI in retail.

“Dupe, lie and vilify when out of power. Do the opposite on gaining power,” said Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Twitter.

He also pointed what BJP leders had commented about FDI in retail in a booklet during the UPA government. “BJP’s ‘Booklet on FDI’- ‘Government of Foreigners’ – Narendra Modi. ‘End Consumer Interests’ – Arun Jaitley and ‘Betrayal’ – Sushma Swaraj,” he said in another tweet.

In major changes liberalising foreign direct investment in key sectors, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved 100 per cent foreign investment in single brand retail trading.