FDCI announces NEXA’s association with Amazon India Fashion Week

New Delhi [India]: India’s apex industry body for fashion, Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has announced its partnership with Maruti Suzuki’s pioneer initiative NEXA.

NEXA marks the first initiative by an automobile company to go beyond selling cars and create a new format of retail experience for the customer.

FDCI’s designers Ashish N Soni and Rajesh Pratap Singh are differentiators in the gregarious world of fashion.

Together at the NEXA Menswear show, the two designers will take NEXA’s association with Amazon India Fashion Week 2017, a step ahead by setting trends for the fashion world.

R.S. Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales of Maruti Suzuki commented, “We are delighted to associate with Amazon India Fashion Week 2016. NEXA is established around the new age Indian consumer who values innovative technology, pampering, services and a global approach in their everyday life. At NEXA we cater beyond the customer’s car purchase experience and believe in being a part of their lifestyle thereby providing them with new experiences throughout their journey with us.”

He Added, “Our customer is well educated, informed, lives an exclusive lifestyle and is attracted towards high end fashion.

Amazon India Fashion week 2016 bring new trends and style for the discerning new age customers just like NEXA which is at the forefront of bringing innovation on delivering new experiences to our customers.”

Speaking on the partnership, Sunil Sethi, President FDCI, said, “We are pleasedwith this association, and NEXA’s philosophy of working up the delight element for their audience. Ashish N Soni and Rajesh Pratap Singh, two names that have defined drifts in fashion will be showcasing a power packed collection inspired from the NEXA’s color palette which is uniquely minimalistic with defining hues of black, white and chrome.” (ANI)