Fb deletes page criticising R Kelly’s accusers

Washington: R. Kelly is not known to be silent when it comes to accusations against him and he has already responded several times to the waves of criticism that have arisen following the airing of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, a three-part documentary where multiple women could be seen accusing the singer of sexual assault and misconduct.

According to Variety, last week a Facebook page briefly posted about a forthcoming website called “SurvivingLies.com” that sources close to the singer reportedly told TMZ “will attempt to expose all of his accusers as liars as well as reveal their true motivations behind their allegations.” The site posted a video that it claimed contradicted the allegations made by one of Kelly’s accusers, although the identity of the people in the clip could not be verified.

Soon after the teaser was posted, Variety reported that the page was taken down by Facebook, which issued a statement to TMZ saying that the page violated Community Standards and has been removed.

The page further added, “We do not tolerate bullying or sharing someone’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware.”

The page included text messages purported to be between Kelly and a young female who repeatedly called him “Daddy” – something most of Kelly’s accusers have claimed he insisted upon during their contact with him.