Fawad Khan is a party animal: Sidharth Malhotra

Mumbai: Actor Sidharth Malhotra says his “Kapoor & Sons” co-star Fawad Khan is a party animal, and that both of them are involved in various activities including playing poker during film shooting.

“We enjoyed a lot, he is a party animal,” Sidharth Malhotra said here on Thursday sharing his experience of working with Fawad Khan on the song, “Let’s Nacho”.

“Dance is not really one of my fortes, I have experienced difficulties in trying to learn how to dance, because they (Sidharth and Alia Bhatt) have already come in rhythm; after two or three days of rehearsals, they are all set to go. I, on the other hand, was like ‘next time please guys I need one month’s heads up’,” Fawad Khan said.

“Let’s Nacho” is a dance number from the film featuring all three stars, that was launched recently, where Fawad was dancing for the first time.

“We shot in Coonoor for more than 30 days. There were no places to hang out especially in the area we were, so we got involved in numerous activities among ourselves for entertainment,” Sidharth said.

“I used to play cricket and football, Alia used to play word-building games like Goldspot and Fawad would jam on the guitar, we started playing poker as well,” he said.

Fawad quipped that one of the reasons why people should watch “Kapoor & Sons” is because they lost all their money at poker.

“Kapoor & Sons” is releasing next week.