Fatwa against BJP leader for remarks on triple talaq

Jabalpur: City-based Darul Uloom Ahle Sunnat (DUAS) has issued a fatwa against BJP leader S K Muddin ostracising him from the community over his triple talaq remarks with the the latter today hitting back saying he is going to file a defamation suit against the decree.

Sunnis’ Barelvi sect Islamic Study Centre’s DUAS Mufti (cleric) Mohammad Asrar Ahmed Ashrafi issued the fatwa against Muddin, who is the MP Backward Classes and Minority Finance and Development Corporation vice president, on January 23 to ex-communicate him over his remark on triple talaq which he described as anti-Islamic.

A week ago, Muddin, along with two others — Naseem Bain and Shakir Quereshi while addressing a press conference had said that triple talaq was against Shariat laws.

The fatwa says that if the trio apologises for their remark, they will be pardoned and allowed back into the community’s fold.

“We are with Shariat but against the triple talaq, which is against the tenets of Islam,” Muddin told PTI today.

“We are going to move court and file a defamation suit against the issuance of fatwa,” he added.