This Father’s Day, spoil your dad with a fun-filled getaway

New Delhi : Looking for a way to honour your dad this Father’s Day? Ditch the traditional tie, cologne or gift card to his favourite restaurant, and take him on a weekend trip.
Wandertrails has put together a list of delightful getaways across India that you can take along with your family to mark this special day.

1) Sarai Kothi – Madhya Pradesh

Remember those Sundays from long ago when the whole family used to gather in front of the television to watch Jungle Book on Doordarshan? Take a trip down the memory lane as you visit the very place that is said to have inspired Kipling’s Jungle Book – Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

Explore the national park while staying in this offbeat jungle stay that promotes awareness regarding wildlife preservation and also fuels eco-tourism. All the employees are from the local village and a village walk to ensure that people get a sense of the life here is built in to the stay offering.

Wandertrails promotes this through our platform and together we facilitate to better the lives of the villagers while ensuring that visitors have a fantastic time here and learn to co-exist with nature without disturbing it.

2) Teak Town- Nilambur

Gone are the days of family vacations, where come summer holidays, the whole family packs up and heads to their ancestral village for weeks of fun and frolic, eating delicious food and playing hide and seek in their grandparents’ sprawling homes.

Relive those days in the wonderful little hamlet of Nilambur in Kerala, where a traditional Kerala home awaits to welcome you and your family. The homestay is set amidst sprawling carpets of green, with plenty of space to lounge around and maybe play a game of gillidanda.

To make it even more exciting, the property has a 4×4 off-road track with 15 obstacles laid out for some family fun. The host happens to be a passionate off-roader himself.

3) Nook and Cranny- Kotagiri

A handmade gift is so much more precious than a store-bought (or online-bought) one, don’t you think? Make something personal, even if not perfect, for your dad at a pottery class while you stay in Nook and Cranny in Kotagiri.

Surrounded by plantations, organic farms, pear orchards and tea gardens, this little villa in the Nilgiris is sure to give you lasting memories of a fun family holiday. As the sun pulls away, huddle around a bonfire and relish some barbecued meats, prepared with delicious spices and cooked to absolute perfection. A planter’s life beckons as you enjoy the warm hospitality sipping a hot brew while warding away the nip in the air.

4) Belavida- Goa

Goa is the most popular destination in the country for friends’ trip and boys’ trips (thanks to DilChahta Hai), but rarely for a family trip. Understandable, since most people go to Goa to get away from families and get drunk without having to hide it from folks at home. But maybe you’ll be able to see a different side of your family, once in Goa.

Willing to give it a shot? Pack your bags and head to Belavida, a charming villa where you can have plenty of time to spend with family. Lounge around in the pool all day long or stroll to Baga beach that is just a stone’s throw away. Go on a fenny trail, enjoy a fun barbecue night, and forge new bonds as you sip a beer with your dad.

5) Japalouppe Equestrian Centre- Pune

Your dad may not be your ideal knight in shining armour, but hey, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy a horse ride! The sight of majestic horses greets you as you enter this farm near Pune. Horse breeding, rearing and training of race horses in particular is what this farm is known for.

A lesson to learn on co-existing peacefully with animals, the farm has a multitude of animals as incumbents. A perfect place to live in the world of horse racing and jockeys, it will give you a chance to explore your love for animals and learn a bit of horse-riding yourself.

6) Cavern- Wayanad

Your 3 BHK apartment is beautiful, no doubt, and what you call home. But it’s fun to mix it up a little every now and then, right? Head to the hills of Wayanad for your next family getaway. The property offers unique spaces to stay, like shaft houses and cave style dwellings.

There’s nothing quite like it! Add to it delicious food, a rejuvenating spa and loads of fun activities like trekking, and there you have it – your perfect family getaway!

7) Green Glade- Coorg

Experience a home away from your home as you stay in this gorgeous property in Coorg. Don’t be surprised if this starts to feel like a second home for your family. Set amidst a verdant plantation and surrounded by lush greenery, the homestay is just what you need to get back in touch with nature.

Let your mom take a break as the hosts serve you delicious homemade food of Malabar and Kodava cuisine. The homestay has many domesticated animals like hamsters, rabbits, ducks and hens as well. (ANI)