Father who lost two daughters in ‘hate crime’ defends ‘Islam’

Washington: In Congress, during the discussion on white nationalism and hate crime, a father who lost two daughters was forced to defend ‘Islam’.

He was asked, “Did you teach your children, your daughters, hatred?”, replying to it, father of the victims, Mr. Mohammed Abu-Salha said, “Absolutely not, Congresswoman”.

Another person asked, “Does Islam teach Muslims hate Jewish people?”. Replying to it, Mr. Abu-Salha said, “Absolutely not, sir. Islam prohibits hating anybody based on religion or ethnicity or faith or nationality”. He further said, “In the Quran, it says that killing any human being is akin to killing humanity, and reviving a soul is akin to reviving humanity”.

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This is actually sickening! Swipe left for pt 2/3. This was meant to be a hearing in congress regarding white nationalism and hate crimes, the man in the video is a father who lost 2 of his daughters to such white nationalist terrorists, instead of tackling the issue they ended up attacking and questioning Islam and this man was forced to defend his faith. . It's sad how rife and wide spread Islamophobia is in our societies and it's only getting worse. _____________________________________________ Follow @muslim.daily for more posts: @muslim.daily @muslim.daily @muslim.daily . #Islam #Muslim #Muslims #Islamophobia #islamaphobia #islamicquotes #Quran #hatecrime #humanrights #islamicquotes

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Reacting to Mr. Klein’s arguments, Mr. Abu-Salha said that he has many friends who are Jewish. He further said, “I find it troubling that Mr. Klein turned the conversation into Islamophobic conversation”.

It may be mentioned that Abu-Salha’s children Razan, Yusor and Yusor’s newlywed husband, Deah were killed in their home in 2015. They were killed by a man who had been harassing them.