Father-son arrested for killing and eating ex-policeman

Ukraine: In a horrific incident, a father and son have been arrested after being accused of beheading an ex-policeman and eating his body.

Locals in the town of Saltivka were shocked when they found a decapitated body dumped near a basement doorway close to an apartment block.

Police later searched the apartment of a father and son – and found the head of the 45-year-old former cop in a box hidden in the balcony.

The deceased is known to be a former policeman who went missing from a home on 4 October. Police sources say the ex-cop was killed by a stab wound to the neck. Knife wounds to the body showed ‘meat’ had been sliced off the man.

The detained son – aged 20 – gave a statement that his father had sliced ‘meat ‘ off the legs and ribs – and boiled it on his cooker. They then ate the cooked human flesh.

A case has been registered of murder and investigation has been initiated and if convicted, the men face from ten years to life in jail.