Father raped his daughter for refusing to register false dowry case against her husband and in-laws

Bikaner: In a horrific incident of rape came to limelight in Bikaner, father has been raping her daughter for the past two years.

A 28-year-old woman from Bikaner registered a case against her father who was forcing her to register a fake rape case against her in-laws.

The girl was married in 2004. In 2008, her father forced her to register a fake dowry case against her husband and in-laws but the matter was settled between the families.

In 2014, he once again forced her to register fake dowry case which she again refused. Disappointed with her refusal, he took her to Mankasar village and continued raping for two years.

Woman’s father, who is a Sarpanch of the village, raped her daughter to register a false rape cases against her in-laws and lend credibility to the false allegation. His intention was to cough-up money from her in-laws

It is reported that she was also raped by her cousin brothers. However, somehow, she fled from captivity and approached the Baijju police station in Bikaner district and registered a rape case against her own father.