Father punishes son by branding him with hot iron rod

Bhubaneswar: A five-year-old boy today sustained serious burn injuries on several parts of his body as his father branded him with hot iron rod, police said.

The boy was allegedly punished by his father for being naughty and disobedient towards his parents. The boy was admitted at the Capital Hospital.

The father identified as Biswajit Sahu of Nuagaon village under Dhauli Police Station, has confessed to have branded hot iron rod on the boy for not obeying him. Sahu was arrested by police on the basis of the FIR lodged by the boy’s mother.

“He (the child) never pays attention towards studies and is very naughty. He often goes to river disobeying us. I am unable to keep a constant watch on him. His father, on being angry has branded hot iron rod on boy’s thighs, legs and hands,” Soudamini Sahu, the boy’s mother said.

“Our son is very naughty and disobedient. His nature caused inconvenience for his mother, who has recently undergone stomach operation. In a fit of rage, I branded him with a hot iron frying stick,” Biswajit Sahu, the father told reporters.

The incident has come close on the heels of a father being arrested in Jajpur district on charge of burying alive his newly born girl child on March 25.