Hyderabad: Father-in-law gives Rs.12-lakh murder supari to kill son-in-law

Hyderabad: In a bold move a father gave contract of killing his son-in-law after separation with his daughter.
Cyberabad Police successfully stopped the planned murder in the nick of time. The contract killing was given by N. Vasudeva Reddy against his son-in-law Shyamsunder Reddy, who owns 10 petrol pumps.

The arrests have not been made so far but police has reportedly caught Vasudeva Reddy, Chardri Kondal Reddy, Mohammed Mazhar Khan, Mohammed Ashraf, Mohammed Amjad, Mohammed Naveed, Abdul Khadar and Syed Vaseem regarding the planned murder.

Police said Mr Shyamsunder Reddy who has three children with his wife Sirisha, separated three years ago and their divorce proceedings are pending with the Miyapur court since then.

Shyamsunder was paying maintenance to Sirisha since the children are with her. The Police suspects Sirisha behind giving the contract of killing her husband.

Sirisha’s father gave contract of killing his son-in-law for a good price of Rs 12 lakhs to one of his distant relative Kondal Reddy, who in turn hired others to kill Shyamsunder.

Saying the gang was offered 12 lakhs for the killing, the official said, “They even paid Rs 2 lakh as advance to the gang”.