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“Fateh Ka Fatwa” – A Pakistani Destroying Unity of India, High Court Intervenes

“Fateh Ka Fatwa” – A Pakistani Destroying Unity of India, High Court Intervenes
---Courtesy "dnaindia"

Chief justice of Delhi High Court, Mrs Rohini and Sangeet Ghingda has sought a reply from Ministry of information and Broadcast on PIL (Public Interest Legislation) filed against Zee News.
Advocate Mohammed Farhan and Farah Hashimi presenting the PIL filed by Hifzur Rehman Khan requested the court to ban “Fateh ka Fatwa” show immediately as it is increasing the communal tensions in the country thereby effecting the unity of the country.
In the PIL filed by Hifzur Rehman Khan, states Zee News is broadcasting a controversial show in which Pakistan born Tarek Fatah is the host, Tarek Fatah who is a poster boy for Right Wing Hindutva groups has been demonising Indian Muslim community with twisted facts and hatred. In PIL the petitioner has not only but also requested to remove the content from Youtube.
Tarek Fatah who attended the Jashn-e-Rekhta festival in Delhi got into an altercation with a group of over 40 attendees who then shouted slogans and demanded that he be removed from the premises. Police personnel were called in to escort Fatah out of the venue. The incident took place on the final day of the three-day festival.
The organisers of the event said Fatah, the host of a programme called “Fatah ka Fatwa” on Zee, had not been officially invited to the event, but had gone there in personal capacity. “Our tehzeeb [culture] is not so weak that one person can disrupt things,” a representative of the organisers said.