Fast food consumption disrupts fertility

Hyderabad: As per a recent study, consuming fast food creates disruption in the fertility by disturbing the hormone balance in the human body.

According to the study, fast food leads to phthalate metabolites. Dr D. Nageshwar Reddy, a senior gastroenterologist, said, “Consumption of fast food leads to the metabolic syndrome. Our body has incretins and anti-incretins. The former is good as it metabolises sugar as well as fat. It can be increased by eating natural fruits and fibrous vegetables. On the other hand, fast food increases anti-incretins which increase lipids and abdomen fat and lead to hormonal changes.”

The food packaging also contributes its unhealthy share. Gastroenterologists claimed that when hot food is packed in plastic, it causes more harm than good. The usage of plastic gloves while handling ingredients could also cause phthalate migration, Deccan chronicle mentions in an article.

The studies stated that DEHP and DiNP are two components chemically bonded to plastic which were found among persons who consumed fast-food on a regular basis.

Dr K. Somasekhar Rao, a gastroenterologist, said, “Most of the fast food is fried in oil, which is not changed. The usage of super-saturated fat in the food can alone cause hormonal imbalance which, in turn, could cause infertility.”

He further stated that those who are prone to decrease in hormonal levels suffer more as the luteinizing hormone and the follicle-stimulating hormone found in women tend to decrease with the regular consumption of fast-food.

The doctors claimed that the health issues related to fast food arise largely due to the high-calorie content as it is loaded with oils and unhealthy fats.

Dr T. Lakshmikanth, a senior doctor said, “We see so many cases of youngsters with PCOD (polycystic ovary syndrome). When one’s calorie intake is disproportionate to the energy output, it leads to a hormonal disruption which affects ovulation. It could harm fertility in men, too, by reducing their sperm count.”