Fashion tips for men at work

Fashion tips for men at work

Performing well at high-powered meetings and consistently adhering to deadlines in today’s professional world is a great way to get you noticed at work?

A well put together work outfit can help in impressing your seniors and colleagues or could be the deciding factor on whether or not you get that promotion.

Dressings for work is easy in a suit-driven environment.Here are some fashion tips to help you pull off business casual for men.

A Crisp White Shirt: A white shirt, not blue or ecru, in a business style is best so never underestimate the value of a good-quality, white button-down shirt as it has the ability to instantly elevate any outfit.

A white shirt will always look super chic when paired with brown or navy chino or you can combine white shirt with straight leg jeans to get that trendy business casual look.

Suit Style: Avoid a double-breasted suit; a single-breasted one is not only more current but always safe.

Blazer: A blazer or sports jacket is almost always too casual. Navy blazer, gray dress pants, perhaps a blue or subtly striped shirt, and a quiet tie gives you a classic and traditional stay.