‘Farooq sahab is just playing a political game’: PDP

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]: After former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah stirred up a statement suggesting that India should explore the option of ‘third party’ intervention to bring peace in Kashmir, the Ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) stated that the former is playing a political game.

Speaking to ANI, Ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth President Waheed-ur-Rehman Para said, “Farooq sahab is talking about politics only today; he has never initiated anything about peace and harmony prior. He is not in power now- that is making statements like this. Genesis of conflict today is because of Congress. They’ve ruined region and country. Why didn’t they settle issues during their Government rule? Farooq sahab is just playing political game”.

Earlier in the day, Farooq Abdullah said that India should approach third parties, such as the United States and China, to mediate in the Kashmir issue.

Abdullah said India has so many allies across the globe, which can be approached for settling the Kashmir issue to act as a mediator between India and Pakistan.

“For how long are you going to wait? Sometimes, you have to pull the bull by its horns. The way is to have a dialogue. India has so many friends all across the world. They can ask them to act as a mediator. U.S. President Trump himself said that he wants to settle Kashmir problem. China also said that it wants to mediate in Kashmir. Somebody has to be approached,” Abdullah said.

Reacting to this, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had said, “I have been asserting for long that it’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policies at the Centre that have destroyed Jammu and Kashmir. And the point that is being mentioned that a third party’s intervention should be invited for the settlement of the issue, it’s wrong. India is Kashmir and Kashmir is India.”

“It’s our internal matter and no other country should have any say in it,” he added. (ANI)