Farooq Abdullah sings ‘bhajan’ – Here’s how Twitterati reacts

New Delhi: National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah sang a “bhajan” at Zee India Conclave. He also said, “I am attached to Ram”.

Mr. Abdullah further said, “If you want to build the nation, end hatred”. He got emotional while saying this.

According to the report published in Zee News, he also spoke on various issues during the interview. He claimed that India cannot take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). However, he added that Pakistan also cannot take any further territory from India. “We have to settle on Line of Control (LoC)”, he said.

When asked which is a bigger threat, Pakistan or anti-nationalism, Mr. Abdullah said that both are threats. However, internal threats are the biggest threat, he added.

YouTube video

During the interview, he spoke on various issues including, talks between India and Pakistan, border infiltration, stone pelting incidents.

On the other hand, when the video in which Mr. Abdullah can be seen singing “Bhajan” went viral, Twitterati started commenting. Here are few reactions.