Farmhouses, digital cards try to compensate lost glam of wedding

Hyderabad: With function halls closed down and the fear of pandemic running high people are left with no choice but to look for alternative spaces. People quote government lockdown guidelines that do not allow hosts to invite more than 50 guests. So where is the fun related to weddings and related events?

Against this unusual background many people are either conducting weddings at their own residences or choosing to go to farm houses.

Right from actors like Nikhil Siddhartha to several regular folks are found choosing to go for farm house wedding trend. The weddings, as all are aware, have become private affairs with limited number of guests.

A considerable section weddings celebrations is now streamlined at the farm houses with either simple themes or just simple weddings with rituals. Items like designer masks and decorations are seen competing to compensate the emptiness.

Inayat Ali, who recently had his sister Zareen’s nikah at the farm house said, “We had no plans of organizing her nikah at the farm house. But we had do so given the changed circumstances. Fortunately, at the farm house things were well organized. We had all the pre- wedding and the wedding celebration done at the farm house.”

The bride who sounded happy said, “I am glad that my wedding was so beautiful. I didn’t have to listen to the ‘aunties’ for silly interventions. More over the decoration and arrangements had brightened the precious moments.”

Meanwhile, the non-moneyed class is left with no choice but to hold the ceremonies at home.

The invitation card which plays an important character in holding wedding ceremonies have gone digital.

The very famous Chatta Bazaar near Charminar  which is famous of card shops is wearing a deserted look.

Many people are making video invitations using several fancy apps. One can probably say that this had reduced the use of paper and had cut down one wedding expense.

Additionally, the families have also been from the tedious and tiring process of card distribution by hand. Sending wedding invitations is now a matter of seconds. With a follow up phone call the invitation is considered to have reached the destination.