Farmer organisations call for ‘Chalo Hyderabad’, stage protest against farm laws

Hyderabad: Demanding a rollback on the three farm bills, a call for ‘Chalo Hyderabad’ has been given by farmers’ union All India Kisaan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) and a protest staged here in Hyderabad.

Speaking to ANI, Kiran Kumar Vissa, National group member of AIKSCC said, “The three farm laws that have been passed by the Central Government are harmful to the interest of all the farmers in the nation. Unlike what the central government is saying, this agitation is not just limited to farmers of Punjab but farmers across the nation are protesting against these farm laws. These farm laws do not give any advantage to farmers but are advantageous to the corporates of this country.”

He said, “If the government doesn’t step back and roll back the farm laws, even the agitating farmers are also not ready to step back from the agitations.”

Usha Seeta Lakshmi, member of Mahila Kisaan Adikaar Manch, said, “We clearly demand the central government that the three farm laws must be rolled back. These laws do not help any farmer. The central government is just trying to bring the agriculture sector into the hands of corporates.”