Farmer bites off snake’s head in ‘revenge’

Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh): In a never before seen incident that even took the doctors by surprise, a farmer in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi bit off a snake’s hood in revenge for the snakebite.

When Sonelal went to the fields on Tuesday to collect fodder for his animals, a snake bit him. Enraged, he clutched the snake and bit its head off.

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“The snake bit me, so I took hold of its head and chewed it off. It died. Then I brought it back to the village and I bit off its head again,” Sonelal told ANI.

Interestingly, the farmer’s condition is alright even though he had to be admitted to a local hospital after this incident.

Sanjay Kumar, the doctor treating Sonelal said he never came accross such a case before, ” I have never seen such a case ever. The man was alright even after biting a snake.” (ANI)